Australian Builders Mix in the Bag Sand and Cement

Mix in the bag Sand and Cement

The new Australian Builders Mix in the bag Sand and Cement is the latest and easiest way to mix sand and cement, without the need for wheelbarrows and mixing tools!

  • Ideal for brick and cement block laying
  • Rendering over brick or cement surfaces
  • Patching damaged cement surfaces
  • Bedding in of cement roofing ridge tiles and cement paving slabs
  • Levelling, positioning and bedding in of spa tubs, baths and shower bases
  • Tile screed
  • Interior and exterior usage
  • Australian Made
  • Conform to Australian standards


By following three easy steps the sand and cement will be ready to use in just 2 minutes. Simply unscrew the lid on the bag, pour in the required amount of water and roll and knead the bag to mix the contents. The sand and cement is then ready to be poured out or the bag itself can be used as a bucket.


15kg bags.


Prior to opening & using product, always read & follow safety/usage directions printed on back of pack.