• Eureka

    GP Cement

    General Purpose GP cement, Australian made, conforms to AS3972. Great all round cement for both trade and DIY usage with a grey finish.

  • Australian Builders


    General Blended cement GB, Australian Made, conforms to AS3972. Great all round cement for both trade and DIY usage with a lighter colour finish.

  • Australian Builders

    Quickset Concrete

    Great for setting posts/letter boxes etc. Australian made, High Strength for both trade and DIY usage

Building Product Supplies

Building Products Supplies is an Independent Cement & Lime Company.
Building Products Supplies manufacture & distribute an extensive range of specialised performance & quality guaranteed products for the Australian building, construction, home improvement/renovation & landscaping industries.
Building Products Supplies is a major supplier of general purpose & blended cements, hydrated lime, sand, dry-mix products & well over 200 other associated building & construction products.

Products ideal for small fix-it projects around the house and garden or large building/construction industry applications.
Over 30 years of ongoing product development, research & customer support service you can depend on! Building Products Supplies value your business, we work hard to maintain a strong & friendly business partnership with the building/construction trade industry & major hardware suppliers throughout Victoria & New South Wales.


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LATEST Product

Australian Builders - Synthetic Hydrated Lime Replacement X Lime

Synthetic Hydrated Lime Replacement is ideal for use in cement based brick or block laying mortars and renders.