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Polythene Film Products

Australian Builders Polythene Products are premium quality products specifically developed to ensure their compatibility for use in building & construction requirements. Consult local building regulations to access the suitability of product prior to use.
Building products Supplies
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  • Premium Quality
  • Polythene Products
  • Suitable for Building, Construction & Agricultural Applications
  • High Performance Product
  • Ready-to-use
  • Exterior Usage
  • Weather Resistant


Builders Grade Film 200um
Orange Virgin Grade (Branded)
Width – 4m. Length – 50m
Industrial Orange
Width- 4m. Length – 50m
Width – 4m. Length – 50m
Width – 2m. Length – 50m

Agricultural Grade Film 100um
Width – 2m. Length – 100m
Width – 2m. Length – 25m
Width – 2m. Length – 100m