Australian Builders

Mix in the Bag Acrylic Render

Australian Builders new Mix in the Bag Acrylic Render is the latest and easiest way to mix acrylic render whilst eliminating the need for wheelbarrows and mixing tools!

  • Ideal for blueboard, cement sheet, masonry, brick, concrete panels, light weight blocks and polystyrene
  • Perfect for new surfaces or rejuvenating existing ones
  • Provides added strength, durability and long term resistance to weathering
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick surface finishing
  • Spectacular decorator effects can be achieved by adding a touch of Australian Builders Acrylic Colour Oxide with a huge colour selection to choose from
  • Australian Made


The acrylic render is ready to use in just two minutes, merely by following 3 easy steps. Simply, unscrew the lid on the bag, add the required amount of water and roll and knead the bag to mix the contents. The render is then ready to be poured out or the bag itself can be used as a bucket.


15kg bags.


Prior to opening & using product, always read & follow safety/usage directions printed on back of pack.